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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Maisy May by Naomi Kramer

Blurb: How does an emo teen with an ex-druggie mum, a non-existent father and a penchant for fast cars fit into a traditional Aussie church? Why has the new boy, Mr Perfect Pastor's Kid, caused her to question every belief she holds dear? And why the sudden interest in Leviticus?

Reviewed by Dale

This book was very interesting, it was written by an Australian writer so the language was very close to my own version of spoken English here in New Zealand. Kramer has a great command of dialogue and I often marveled at how well her characters conversed with each other. It really did feel like you were a fly on the wall in Maisy's life sometimes.

The characters were all real, solid, gritty, you could almost smell them in the pages. The text was short so I didn't see a lot of growth in the characters, but definitely a lot of substance to them. I understand this is part one of a trilogy so would assume growth and character development will continue with the story. And there is plenty of story left in this tale.

I have read another famous Australian's works (John Marsden), author of the 'Tomorrow, when the War began' series and enjoyed the Australia he brought out in his writing. With Kramer we see another small Australian town's Australia. Only this time from the unique perspective of a christian emo.... A very original viewpoint I must say.

The Australians that I know are not known to mince words and are pretty straight shooters, so I'm not surprised at the style of the dialogue in this book. I was one told in a David Jones department store by an elderly woman shopper to 'Get outta the way you $%%# mongrel.' completely my fault I was walking all together too slowly through the place.

Yes this story is definitely more suitable to someone of at least sixteen years as opposed to the younger readers of my blog. A reasonable amount of  explicit sexual content (though not pornographic or out of context) and liberal use of swear words means I have to caution easly offended readers. For the rest of you adventurous souls out there this is a 'bonza good read me old muckers'.

Format: eBook
Available from Smashwords
Link to Download: Here
Price: US$0.99 (at time of review)
Wordcount: 29,000 (appx)
Author: Naomi Kramer

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