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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bees in my Butt by Rebecca Shelley

Blurb: In Bees in My Butt, the first book of the Smartboys Club series, the members of the Smartboys Club use their skills to defeat a group of crazed Ninjas that take over the school. And it happens on a day when one of the Smartboys has the worst case of flatulence imaginable. 

Reviewed by Dale

Well how could you possibly pass on the courageously titled bees in my butt? Why this title alone would conjure up all kinds of insane ideas in the mind of any self respecting ten year old. So with this notion in mind I cracked the old ebook reader open and started to find out what where bees doing up some poor kid's butt.

Young Johnny Lovebird is your typically 5th grader who sits next to you in class all year long. You barely give him much thought until one day he is cutting the smelliest cheese you could ever imagine. yes that's right, in an omametaphic display of alliteration bees are are the metaphore of nasal doom. Bees are farts. Not just annoying nose curdling wafts of poorly digested proteins, these thunderous cacophonies bring an abrupt holt to a school assembly as the odious vapors escape the clutches of Johnny's tightly clenched butt cheeks. Parrrrrrrrp parp parp parp.

How does our hero ever survive the most embarrassing moment of his school life? Well disgracing of course. Fortunately for him a band of ninjas attack the school faculty and assume control of the school and it's curriculum. So how does our hero and his misfit band of sidekicks manage to free the school from the coughed of the evil high kicking hooded ninja? Well you're just going to have to read the book yourself to find out, me I'm off to find another book to read.

This is a very well written story, lots of good fun and humour abound. The writing is tight and neatly focused at the age group it's written for. Still plenty in there for adults if they are reading it to their kids too.  It's not a long book, and there were a lot of blank pages in my copy, maybe a bug in the ePub conversion?

So lots of fun and laughs if you are looking for some comic relief.

Age 10+
Format: eBook
Available from Smashwords
Link to Download: Here
Price: US$.99c
Wordcount: 12,500 (appx)
Rebecca Shelley

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