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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Reasons on her Wrist by Racaneya

Editorial Blurb:

Cassie, a suicidal teen, learns many reasons about her purpose in life after dealing with death, a love triangle, saving another life, and going through a life changing event.

Reviewed by Dale

This story follows a 17 year old high school student who struggles to find a sense of purpose in her young life. People have disappointed her and left her and now she finds the only source of any real feeling in her life is in self mutilation.

As she trudged wearily through her days at school people try to push their way through her dark walls and get to know her. Resistant at first she pushes them away but gradually Cassie lowers her guard and let's them close. But are they the right people to be part of her life?  Will there screwed up lives be more weight than Cassie can bear?

This is a very well crafted novel. The dialogue driven story is well constructed with likeable and believable characters.
The topical nature of the story was also handled well. Sending a message about self mutilation and suicidal thoughts but in a constructive and non preaching way. I was in awe of some of the monologues and wonder how the author has come to have such a deep connection with her characters.

Part two didn't feel as strong as part one, but it completed the story. The ending has been the subject of debate in other reviews but I haven't seen the alternative ending. This ending worked fine for me, although a little sad perhaps.

As for the young author herself I'm glad to hear she is working on another novel, she has a great voice and a mastery of dialogue.

Author: Racaneya
Author blog: Blog
Format: eBook
Word count: 30,000
Price: free
Link: Download

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