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Thursday, February 17, 2011

BROOKS BERRY IN The Case of The Stolen Season by Michael James


Brooks Berry is your normal 12 year old boy. Obsessed with sports, best friends with his dog Ripken and a very curious mind. He also is one of Wauwatosa's leading detectives. Join this boy sleuth and his friends on his mystery solving adventures packed with unexpected twists and turns. Written in the spirit of the Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew mysteries. First edition of a new series. 

Reviewed by Dale

I enjoy a good mystery as much as any one does and I was quite eager to start this story. Te setting is an American high school and the action or mystery unfolds around american football games. I don't follow grid iron and it's not played in my country so I couldn't really understand the in depth narratation of the plays. I guess it would be the same for Americans reading rugby or cricket plays.

The story has a few through away laughs, the Trojan computer company, where I'm sure the author is laying on a Trojan virus the word is also the brand name for a popular brand of condon in my country so it constantly made me snicker. Hehe

Also the references to cigarette buts and the hero's intimate knowledge of them is a no brainer homage to the great Sherlock Holmes no doubt that anyone who has read a Conan Doyle story could miss that.

Although I found the story and the writing up to a good standard. Was dissapointed that the author used narrative to drive the story forward. In fact probably 70% of this story is authors voice. A great scene, and sadly a great example of this was when Brooks, the young sleuth was black boarding his suspects and motives. Now Conan Doyle would have done this with Holmes plucking away all melancolie on his violin, half doped with opium and dr Watson buried in the Sunday cross word. It would have been dialogue driven with Watson struggling to keep up with Holme's wild posturing and great leaps of intuition. Instead we had the author explaining what Brad was thinking.

The ending was good, though. The author managed to twist the tale around and around to keep you guessing as to who the culprit was. Lots of red herrings and excitement.

Three and a half out of Five for me.

Format: eBook
Price: Free
27,000 words
Download link Here
Author Michael James

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