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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Evanescent by Kristen Portillo

Blurb: Brinn Kiernan is an immortal living in a human body. The problem? She doesn't know it. She must find a cure to the symptoms that plague her before they end her life. Meanwhile she must also dodge attacks on her life by her estranged and immortal, identical twin sister. Will her human body give out on her before she finds the cure or will her sister get to her first? 

Review by Dale:

I seem to be on a roll of recent, fossicking out new and exciting nuggets in the indie world. But this time I've managed to smash all previous conceptions as to just how good indie writers are. 

Kristen Porttillo is a serious threat to the dominance in popularity of the mainstream supernatural romance writers. If I was Stephanie Meyer I'd be afraid, very afraid.

This story is epic, at eight hundred and ten pages on my iPad it is not a quick read. Thats because Portillo has taken her time to create a rich and lucid stage for her characters to play their parts. Each character, unique and careful scripted into the story. There is no wasted dialogue, no random prose or imagery. Every noun, every verb every tantalizing adjective is leading the reader to a fantastic climax. And not just the love, but the adventure thats in store for Brinn as well.

This is a story about love yes, but also about supernatural creatures, Vampires, Miphares, Werewolves and other mysterious and imaginative folk Portillo has created. But above all else it's the writing itself that is so fantastic. The symphony of colorful and thoughtful imagery, the infinite attention to the smallest details. Portillo writes you into Brinn's world. You are an active bystander, experiencing the smells, the cacophonous beating of enamored hearts and heaving of unrequited love right along side her.

A classic triangle of love. Jack the dashing and insanely handsome classmate who pursues Brinn inspite of her disdain for him. Intoxicated by his good looks but uncertain of his intentions Brinn finds herself falling for Jack. But the more time she spends in his company the more she realizes it's a means to seeing more of Seth.

Brinn is affected by the audacious good looks of Seth but his aloofness and apparent dislike for her causes her great angst.  This love triangle twists and turns for most of the first part of the book. Then the heart pounding chapter thirteen marks a turning point in the story and heralds the point that makes it impossible to put this book down.

So who does Brinn finally end up with? The rascallious and cheeky Jack, whose sweet kisses cause hot flushes to rise from Brinn's core? Or Seth, from whom a mere glance is enough to send Brinn into a lustful stupor? Well you will just have to read it to find out.

This book is so exceptionally entertaining, so well written, I have to give it 6 stars! 

So to all you Supernatural lovers, you Twilight junkies, you Vampire Academy attendees, go buy a big bag of candles, some coconut oil and cinnamon (trust me) Download this book and experience it for yourself.

Format: eBook
Available from Smashwords
Link to DownloadHere
Price: $0.99c (at time of review by voucher 
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Wordcount: 175,000 (appx)
Author:Kristen Portillo

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