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Monday, March 21, 2011

Boone Barnaby by Joe Cottonwood

Blurb: An award-winning novel loved by adults and children alike about the adventures of three boys (and a flaky dog) chasing an arsonist while testing the limits of life, soccer, and garbage in their scrappy little town among the redwood trees of California.

Reviewed by Dale

It was the blurb that attracted me to this story. Who could resist the premise? The chance to relive your childhood through the madcap adventures of three young boys and a trusty canine companion. Through in some fires, fights and soccer and you should have a winning combination.

This is no short novella, weighing in at more than 50,000 words it represents exceptional value for the tiny asking price; about .99cents as of writing. The prose itself is fine, and of a high standard both in elocution and editing. Although maybe the author strains the odd metaphor here and there, certainly no reason to put you off.

I must say it took me three or four days to read this book too. Generally a book this size I would read in a day. I also noticed that it took a considerable amount of time for something to actually happen. Maybe I'm too used to the kind of story commonly peddled today, a product of the gotta have it now! generation. Maybe the author is subtly conveying the idea of a sleepy, lazy, summery haze with his adagio style. Im not saying good, or bad. Merely that thats how it is. Maybe its enjoyable to have a fresh approach. Like a fine wine you dont want to quaff it all at once, you savior the story over a couple of days. 

So if you liked Steinbeck's 'Of mice and Men' or Twain's 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyers' give this a try.

Format: eBook
Available from Smashwords
Link to Download: Here
Price: US$0.99c
Wordcount: 50,000 (appx)
Author: Joe Cottonwood

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